Sawasdee kha

Welcome to Thai Central School at 273 Victoria Street West Melbourne. The school is conducted in rooms at Simonds Catholic College within the church building (of St. Mary Star of the Sea) and interestingly these rooms have a very long history in education being used for many years as a kindergarten. There is a supervised playground immediately outside the school room.

The school is a community based, not for profit organization established in June 2008 originally by teachers from another Thai school. It recognizes that the Thai community is dispersed throughout greater Melbourne and that a central location is most convenient for the members of the Thai community. It recognizes also that many members of the Thai community come from mixed nation origin households and that there is a perceived need by members of the Thai community for a more formal educative process of introducing children of Thai background to Thai culture and Thai language.

We proudly present the all new language style School’s classes for children

  1. Beginner Kindergarten Preparation Age 4-6 years
  2. Intermediate Age 7 up to 12 years

The cost per student is $60.00 per term (and the fee includes all materials and a text book)

Thai Central School provides a valuable Thai education to the community in an excellent environment with professional teachers, many trained and having previous teaching experience in Thailand.


Year 2018 Semester schedule

Saturday Class
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Monday – Thursday Class
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Saturday Class
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Monday – thursday Class
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saturday Class
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monday – thursday Class
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Our curriculums are