Application fees

Complete and return the application form with a non-refundable fee of $50.00 to the school officer. Application and fee need to be lodged by the end of the first week of each school term.


Conditions of enrollment


Becoming a student of the Thai Central program is a commitment and students are expected to attend all classes and rehearsals. The administrator should be given at least one day’s notice of any absences. Unexplained or un-notified absences may exclude your child from the program and the enrolment may be cancelled.

Students will sometimes wish to participate in school activities such as; Thai Dancing or Thai Kick Boxing. The School will inform parents via newsletter or in person of any coming classes. For those enrolled in these classes, It is also required that they make themselves available for Thai Dancing or Thai Kick Boxing performances and rehearsals unless the parent has notified the School in writing of any reason not to.

We are seeking parent’s participation in helping your child with their homework. Please make sure that your child will meet the course expectation. You can contact directly the class teacher or school principle for further enquiries.


Students will receive program reports from their teacher throughout the year. We have “Face Book” or a newsletter from school each term to keep the parents informed about our school. There will be formal Parents Meetings at the beginning of each term and informally throughout the term.


During School time, all students must be remaining in the school area. A parent volunteer will keep an eye on the students during the break but all students must be in the play area or school area only.

We are here
Tel: 0419 548 538
E-mail: thai.school.melbourne@gmail.com

Level 18, 1801/8 Sutherland Street Melbourne CBD 3000

Line: Khru_elle

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