• To give students enjoyable learning. Including games, songs and fun activities.
  • To encourage students to love playing sport and how to look after their health.
  • To give children the opportunity to learn about Thai language and Thai culture.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to develop their learning concentration, discipline, social skill and responsibility as a member of a community.
  • To provide an enriching dimension to enhance their existing school learning.


The curriculum at the Thai Central Saturday School is based on VELS and values of –

  • Thai culture tradition
  • Love, caring and sharing
  • Dignity and justice for each person
  • Creativity and accountability
  • Human rights


Curriculum Goals: The Victorian Essential Learning Standards are used to plan teaching and learning

  • To improve student learning outcomes from P-4 with a particular emphasis on the VELS.
  • To improve professional teaching practice and provide targeted professional development to improve student outcomes
  • Development of curriculum to further increase motivation to learn, and make the learning process more exciting. This will be achieved by greater class interactivity, which in turn will enable more accurate teacher assessment of student achievement.]


  • To provide a safe, positive and caring learning environment.
  • Increased communication with parents so that the learning activity can be continued and reinforced out of school time.


Annual report to parents or students [in place]

Annual report to Community members [planned]

Annual report to Consumer Affairs [not yet due]

Annual report to Department of Education and Early Childhood Development [not yet relevant]


  • To ensure a work environment that is characterised by a strong sense of teamwork and commitment to the common goals as outlined in the school profile
  • Committee of Management. Acts as advisor to the School Principal.
  • Staff appraisal [performed by school principal in collaboration with Committee of Management]
  • Professional development [Through PD program conducted by Language & Multicultural Education Resource Centre at 150 Palmerston Street Carlton 3053
  • Salaries [there is pressure on salaries because the school provides its tuition at below cost and supplements its income from adult classes]
  • Decision making [Decision making is concentrated in the weekly meetings between management and teaching staff. It is aided by Management discussions with the parents group and with individual parents which occur during school time]
  • Record keeping [by secretary]

Staff support

  • Professional learning programs (including Teacher Professional leave) to support teachers
  • To develop the skills and attitudes to facilitate this student-centered, connected view of the school to emerge.
  • Develop a school-wide professional performance and development culture



Professional development offered to Teachers through PD program conducted by Language & Multicultural Education Resource Centre at 150 Palmerston Street Carlton 3053. This includes the library at Palmerston Street and access to internet based resources.