Our program assists and encourages our children to learn Thai as a second language. This greatly benefits the wider community as it may in the future facilitate cultural exchange essential in a globalizing community. This has benefits that stretch from our local community national community and international relations.

  • Children are taught listening, speaking, reading, and writing Thai every Saturday during the school term by using up-to-date education techniques.
  •  This helps spouses and step-children to communicate with the Thai side of the family both here and in Thailand.

Thai Central has the following benefit and services:

  • Language and culture program to bring together Thai-Australians on a social level and assist their children to learn Thai culture, language and more specifically their own Thai heritage.

Raising local awareness of Thai culture, and providing an opportunity for the broader community to learn about Thai people and Thailand. For the public, this means greater understanding of diversity and cultural exchange.

The benefits of our programs will echo throughout the entire community, such as:

  • A strengthening of the entire community through its youth oriented focus. Flow-on effects extend directly to the families and the broader community.
  • Children will be connected to their Thai cultural heritage and will feel more accepted into the Thai community
  • A reduction of the social isolation associated with newly migrated Thais. This will assist adjustment into Australian culture and help create happy households.
  • An increase in our children’s self-esteem and pride in a ‘mixed’ cultural identity